Thursday, June 4, 2015

Give the Gift of Inner Peace & Relaxation

It's June and for most of us it means it's time to shop for a present for Father's day, and/or for a beloved Graduate in our lives!
Searching for the perfect gift can be a challenge.  Here is a gift that your loved ones can use on a daily basis that YOU can benefit from too!  Guided-Meditation MP3 downloads!  Here's how it works. Click on this link to visit my Indiegogo campaign.  It will be live until August 2, 2015.  Decide which titles are best for you and them.  There are 5 meditations to choose from ranging from 19 to 26 minutes in length and the links below are to YouTube Demos of each meditation:

So whether you want to empower the recent grad with some extra confidence to face the working world, or whether you want to help dad lose a few pounds or quit smoking, there is something for everyone!
All purchases receive a BONUS GIFT of 101 Power Affirmations for Personal Transformation!  It is a relaxing 14 minute track that will feed your conscious and subconscious mind with empowering affirmations in various areas of life including relationships, health, prosperity, nutrition and vitality!
This is the ultimate gift that keeps giving!  After you make your purchase online, you will receive a DropBox link via email to download the MP3s that you purchased.  Simply download the MP3 you purchased and then forward the link to your beloved dad or grad.
The more meditation titles you buy, the more you save!  The link will be active until the Indiegogo campaign ends.  We highly encourage sharing the link to the campaign on ALL social networks and use hashtag #bestgiftfordadsandgrads and also hashtag the person who referred you to us.  The person who refers the most friends who make meditation purchases will receive $100 CASH!  
There are so many stress-induced illnesses today!  Feel great that you are giving a gift that can reduce stress, improve feelings of wellbeing, and more!
We THANK YOU for your support and so will your Dad or Grad!
 Ahuva Gamliel

Friday, May 15, 2015

Got STRESS? Try This!

Of course exercise, eating healthy, sleeping adequately, meditating, and taking a bath can help to reduce stress.  Every body knows that and yet most people still find themselves leading stressful lives.  
Since stress is the leading contributing factor in many preventable life-threatening illnesses, it is vital for us to get our stress levels under control!  

Sometimes we feel like we don't have time to do everything that we want to do and items on our list (such as meditating or praying) get postponed and it's hard for us to catch up with our busy schedules!

Well I have good news, even for the busiest person!  There is something that you can do to reduce stress which doesn't take any time at all.  If you have time to breathe, you have time for aromatherapy!

These are the effects of STRESS on the body:

Clinical research has shown that aromatherapy has measurable psychological and physiological effects such as reducing pain, fatigue, depression, stress and anxiety, drastically reducing stress related biomarkers (i.e. blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol) and has considerably enhanced well-being. It has even outperformed other stress management techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation.  

Aromatherapy has been used with cancer patients to boost lymphocyte production (immune system cells)!  And even animals who are nervous due to travel (or other stressors such as thunder) have been calmed by lavender aroma therapy!  The fact that it works on animals and children means that this powerful aromatic plant therapy is not merely a placebo effect since those results were not biased by expectation, belief, or desire and are therefore indisputable.
These and many more favorable outcomes are published in PUBMED which is known as the GOLD STANDARD in Medicine today because of their placebo controlled, double-blind studies which are peer-reviewed.  The mechanism of action is not clearly understood, however, the olfactory sense (smell) is the sense linked to having the most immediate response in the brain of all the other senses.  Perhaps it is by the nature of the proximity of the two organs that the effects are so immediate and substantial.
Essential oils utilized in aromatherapy can be very affordable. This link to Emerson Ecologics has essential oils at competitive prices.

They also carry diffusers so that you can enjoy the aromatherapy and make your home or office smell good too.  Maybe it will even chill your boss out!  Worth a try!
Essential oil blends can be utilized to have specific effects for (click on hyperlink to view product):
Cheer up   
Quit Craving  
The above formulas are all meant to be smelled only, not ingested.  Some essential oils such as tea tree or clove oil must be diluted before applying topically or they can burn the skin due to the very strong concentration.  Therefore, only use the above in a diffuser such as this one.

Receive a 10% discount at Emerson Ecologics on any of the above products by entering the following code when you check out: MIBASO and 33021


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~Dr Gamliel

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

With Workplace Wellness, Everybody Wins!

A 30 minute acupuncture session, can decrease stress improve mood, increase memory, concentration, and focus, increase productivity, boost the immune system, decrease and often eliminate pain such as headaches, open congested sinuses and so much more!

In a group conference room, seated in chairs around a table, fully clothed, participants receive community auricular (ear) therapy.

Each participant fills out an intake form listing their medical conditions and/or treatment objective such as quitting smoking, detoxification, weight loss, stress reduction, pain management or any other issue and without talking, the practitioner can give individualized treatments to each person!  So everyone's health information remains confidential. 

In addition, since the ear contains a reflexology map of the body, a practitioner can see which areas need to have a treatment based on skin discoloration, dry skin, the presence of blood vessels or anything else which should not be present.

Since the ear is an acupuncture system onto itself and does not follow the meridian channels of energy flow in the body, many times only one ear is treated, generally on the dominant side of the person's body.  So a right handed person would likely have their right ear treated.

The acupuncture needles are very fine, like the breadth of a hair so there is minimal discomfort on insertion or removal.  Once the needle is in place, the neurotransmitters for wellbeing start to be released by the brain and people start to feel very relaxed and sometimes even fall asleep.

During the session there is no talking, no cell phones, no gadgets and no reading.  It is recommended to close one's eyes and relax to get the best benefits.  The lights would be turned off, the room may be quiet, or relaxation music, affirmations, nature sounds or a meditation may be played.

For those who are needle phobic, the points can be stimulated with a device which delivers a pulsation sensation to the areas.  Each point only needs to be treated for 5 seconds to have the equivalent effect of a 30 minute acupuncture session!
After the session is complete, the participants may receive take home treatments in the form of herbal plasters containing vaccaria seed.  The plasters may be gently massaged 3 times per day clockwise for 10 seconds in order to reinforce the treatment.  They usually last 3-5 days with normal showering and can sometimes last up to 2 weeks on dry skin!

With so many potential benefits in only 30 minutes per week,
it's really a win-win for everyone!
PLUS, many PPO insurances are accepted!
Call (786)537-0771 today to book your
First FREE Corporate Wellness Consultation
so we can discuss how to make your business THRIVE!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Supplement Savings & Suggestions!

Do you want to look and feel your best naturally?  Natural supplements can help you to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.  Below is a list of common health concerns with corresponding natural supplement recommendations.  Each recommendation is a hyperlink which will take you to a specific product at EMERSON ECOLOGICS.  They have over 9,000 natural health products and carry hundreds of manufacturers. 

The best part is that you will get the products at 10% BELOW retail value.  That's right, using the CODE MiBaSo and 33021 you will save 10% OFF from the direct manufacturer's price!  So get your supplements TODAY and get healthy the natural way!

Please note that while the same products can be found online on less expensive sites such as Amazon, anyone can sell those products and so we do not know if they were kept away from heat and light and shipped and stored under the appropriate conditions.  Some of those sites sell expired products or products that lost effectiveness due to exposure to heat.  Therefore, since Emerson has high standards of quality control, it is recommended to purchase health supplements from a trusted source such as this one which can assure the product safety and proper product handling.

Also, with naturopathic medicine, there is no magic bullet or quick fix, we need to find and treat the cause of the condition.  Therefore, these homeopathic and herbal supplement suggestions are simply generalized ideas of safe products to try but they are not intended as an alternative to seeking competent medical care.  If you have a condition on this list and wish to take one of the remedies suggested, please have the product supervised and approved by your primary care provider prior to taking it.  If there is no improvement, call us for a phone consultation with personalized recommendations.  (786)537-0771 Eastern Standard Time. The fee is $90 for a 30 minute phone consultation.

  • Daily multi-vitamin & mineral for health & wellbeing
  • 14 day detox to clean your body out, recommended annually, under professional supervision
  • Vitamin C to boost immune system 1-3 packets/day
  • Zinc for immune support 3 daily
  • Probiotics for digestive health
  • Green tea for countless health benefits!
  • Natural sweetener
  • Facial cleanser pads to clean the skin and prevent acne
  • Lip balm to prevent chapped lips
  • Natural face and body soap
  • Hydrating body lotion
  • Organic sunscreen SPF 30
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste with xylitol and baking soda
  • Breath mints :-)
  • Throat spray - good for children too!
  • Natural mouth wash
  • Bug spray mosquito repellant
  • Joint pain ointment for arthritis
  • Injury and pain ointment apply twice daily
  • Massage oil
  • Nasal spray for sinus irrigation and decongestion
  • Ear oil for ear discomfort
  • Eye drops for eye irritation
  • Topical ointment for sprains and strains of muscles
  • Chest rub for colds

 For specific conditions:

ADDICTION support to decrease cravings
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (for joints and whole body)
COGNITIVE SUPPORT for memory, focus, concentration and attention
WEIGHT LOSS meal replacement shakes
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Do not take if you are pregnant, breast feeding, sensitive to caffeine, or have high blood pressure.

For people who suffer from any of the following chronic allergies, sinusitis, yeast infections, fungal infections, depression, mental fogginess, gas, bloating, bad breath, fatigue, especially in cases of long-term anti-biotic use.  This diagnoses is best confirmed with a stool test.

Thank you for reading the post.  Hope it is helpful.  Please send your feedback!  ~Namaste

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Get Your Vitamin B12 Shots at Your Work!

Summer is just around the corner and it's time to get ready for being fit!
MiBaSo is offering onsite workplace wellness solutions to bring holistic health to you at your office.
With a minimum of 10 people per location in Miami and Broward county, we can get started.  And this service may even be covered by your insurance plan!
We Are Providing Onsite:
*Customized Nutrition Programs for Weight Loss
*Vitamin B12 injections for Weight Loss
*Acupuncture Ear Seeds for Appetite Control & Improved Digestion
*Supplement Recommendations for Healthy & Safe Weight Loss
*Guided-Meditation for Weight Loss
* & more holistic health services!!!

Giving your staff the support they need to succeed!
Call today and experience the convenience of workplace wellness right away! (786)537-0771
Learn more about Vitamin B12 shots and weight loss here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interview with Sound Energy Healer Alan Pratt

The following is an interview that Dr Ahuva Gamliel conducted with colleague Alan Pratt.
  • Dr G: Please tell us about yourself.
    AP: I conduct sound healing ceremonies around the U.S., and coach thousands of people about mind/body/spirit health. I have a number of cancer cures and other healing 'miracles' to my credit. At 55, I am wildly healthy, have not been to a doctor's office in a decade, take no prescription or off-the-shelf medications of any kind, don't drink coffee, alcohol or sodas, and don't eat meat or poultry. My fuel intake is VERY GREEN, mostly big kale salads, fruit & nuts & whole grains, 70% raw/live, 30% cooked, with the occasional eggs or fish. I feel AWESOME.
    Dr G:  What inspired you to create the monthly 3 day green juice detox program?
    AP: Once I'd experienced the power of greener eating, juicing & fasting, I wanted to share it. I had a warehouse in Brooklyn called GrandSpace, an artists' residence & community center.  For 2 years we led monthly green juice fasts, and up to 75 people participated each month. We presented educational seminars before each fast, and held a celebration at the end of each fast with a raw food party & a healing circle. That was in 2003/04. Then I moved to Florida and led juice fasts in Lake Worth through the Soma Center, in 2007/08. I've been touring the country for the past 5 years as a spiritual healer. Now I want to bring healing & the power of GREEN to the people!
    Dr G:  What do you hope to accomplish with this project?
    AP: Let's combat obesity, cancer & other global illnesses through juice fasting & greener eating. Let’s maximize our media & social networking systems, to get tens of millions of people around the world to do a 3-day juice fast or health food cleanse at the beginning of each month. We want everyone juice fasting – our president & first family, the TV news anchors & talk show hosts, our spiritual leaders, recording artists, movie stars & sports icons. Let’s put it on reality TV – that’s real life drama & real life healing. Let's take health & healing to the people. We have the power to heal ourselves & society; let's do it!
    Dr G:  What are the benefits of green juice fasting?
    AP: Clear toxins & accumulated waste from the colon & digestive tract. Alkalize & hydrate the body. Abstaining from food allows the body to direct more energy to healing specific illnesses & injuries. Abstaining from sugar starves & kills off the bacteria, mold, yeast & fungus in the body. A dietary intake of large amounts of green juice gives the body a super boost of minerals & nutrients. Juice fasting causes the body to drain mucus from the organs & muscle tissue, relieving the body of soreness & pain.  Juice cleansing makes the physical body lighter & more flexible, the emotional body more positive, balanced & happy, and the mind more alert, efficient & creative. Fasting is also a powerful spiritual experience, and the cleansing of the body is a vital part of the spiritual path.
    Dr G:  Are there any contraindications or dangers?
    AP: The fasting process pulls toxins & accumulated waste out of every part of the body. It is vitally important to get this toxic waste ALL the way OUT of the body, so we must drink a LOT of water & juice. Many people experience headaches & constipation while fasting; the solution is MORE green juice, more water & rest. We recommend a magnesium solution for people who are new to fasting, as it is very effective in clearing the system & avoiding extreme discomfort. During a fast, we can get 'trippy', light headed, dizzy -- so be careful driving a car, operating machinery, etc.
    Dr G:  What is your vision for participation in this project?
    AP: My job is to speak the vision, build a core team, spread the word & watch it fly. We're generating this project in South Florida, but given the power of Facebook & other social networks, the Monthly 3-Day Cleanse will quickly go global.
    Dr G:  Give is a sample 3 day menu for people who don't know where to start.
    AP: We want everyone to participate, so we include different levels/types of cleansing, detoxing & improving our fuel intake.
    * 3 days of only green juice
    * 3 days of green juice, green powders & green supplements
    * 3 days of green & fruit juices
    * 3 days of 'master cleanse' (lemon water, cayenne, honey)
    * 3 days of only green & fruit smoothies
    * 3 days of eating only raw/live vegan food
    * 3 days eating only vegan food
    * 3 days cutting out all coffee, alcohol & energy drinks, and replacing with green drinks
    Or design your own 3-day cleanse. And, of course, people may extend their cleanse longer than 3 days.
    Dr G:  Will people feel hungry during a juice fast?  Do you get enough calories to exercise and for vigorous mental activities?
    AP: You can absolutely get all the nutrients, minerals, live enzymes, protein & hydration you need to exercise, do your work & live your life. This is why we promote GREEN juice fasting above fruit juice fasting, the 'master cleanse' (water, lemon, cayenne, honey/maple/agave), or a pure water fast, ESPECIALLY FOR THE NEWCOMERS. Note however that a cleanse is a process of purification & purging, so sometimes we will feel like resting & sometimes we will feel light & active. Listen to your body.
    Dr G:  Anything else you wish to add that we haven't covered?
    AP: Greener eating, juicing & cleansing are only a PART of being brilliantly healthy. The 'Powerful Practices' page on gives inspiration & resources for total mind/body/spirit health and an exciting life!
    Dr G: THANK YOU for your time and for this wonderful project you are leading! 
    To Life!
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