Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation = Natural Post-Partum Depression Prevention!

As a practitioner of holistic medicine, I take pride in practicing what I teach.  When I was pregnant with my first child at age 32, I went to one of the birth centers where my midwife practices.  There I was introduced to the idea of having a doula or birth coach present at my daughter’s birth in order to help me through the process. 

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A doula is a mother’s helper in labor. Her job is to keep mothers calm and relaxed so that they can allow their bodies to do what it is made to do, which is giving birth the natural way. 

I figured I would need all the assistance that I could get since I was determined to have an all-natural drug-free birth.  That’s right, I chose to say “No” to the epidural.

My doula provided courses to all her clients throughout our pregnancies to teach us what to expect during the pregnancy and afterwards.  It was nice to have the group support and learn with other soon-to-be parents.

Although my naturopathic university has a midwifery program and I was exposed to natural births and naturopathic post-partum care, I had never heard of placenta encapsulation before.  My doula educated me on some of the benefits which include:

     •  Reintroducing the nutrients in the placenta back to the mother’s body
      •  Decreasing fatigue and mood swings
      •  Preventing loss of hair
      •  Producing more breast-milk
• Easing postpartum hormonal imbalances and fluctuations

Since I already had a tendency to experience PMS D (premenstrual depression) I wanted to do whatever I could (other than pharmaceuticals!) to prevent the dreaded post-partum depression.  When I learned that placentophagy could assist with that, I was thrilled about this practical solution which animals do in nature.

One of my holistic health practitioners told me that her husband grilled up her placenta like a steak and she ate a meal that was cooked with it.  That didn’t sound too appealing to me but my doula encapsulated my placenta and taking 2 capsules a day to keep the blues away seemed like a smart plan to me!

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists:
  • Follow strict OSHA guidelines
  • Trained in Food Safety Handling
  • Knowledgeable in the benefits of placentophagy
  • Certified in the PBi method of placenta encapsulation
  • Experienced professionals
  • Answer your questions
  • Give full postpartum support
My doula was with me for the entire 18 hours of labor.  You know, it’s called labor for a reason!  We labored in the shower, in a small pool, and all over my apartment!  I had terrible back pain and my doula helped me through it with massage, hot water, a yoga ball, and reassuring words.  

After my home-birth to a healthy, happy, & drug-free 9 lb 6 oz baby girl, my doula stayed with me and washed my placenta of all the blood and cut it up in my kitchen.  She brought a special small oven that stayed at my house so I could be sure that the placenta that I ingested was my own and not one made in China!

The next day when the placenta was all dried up, she used the Magic Bullet to grind the pieces into powder.  Next she sat at my table and carefully encapsulated all the powder that was produced.  I think I had about 70 pills.

I kept the capsules in the freezer and took them daily.  I felt like they helped me to recover.

My only regret was that I did not save any for 13 months later when my daughter weaned herself from nursing.  I did experience some post-lactation blues but it was definitely manageable! 

In the event that I am so blessed to have another child, you can bet that I will be doing placenta encapsulation again and that I will save some for later too!
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For anyone in the Broward or Miami, Florida area who is interested in placenta encapsulation or doula services, my doula, Naeemah Jones, can be reached at (954)410-4485 for more information about her practice please visit her website  www.love2labor.com

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