Thursday, May 22, 2014

FREE Medical Services!


Dear Human Resources Manager,

After being in private practice for 10 years, I decided to make health and wellness more easily accessible by bringing it into the workplace via corporate wellness programs. Since most people work from 9am-5pm, they have very little time for self-care, prevention, wellness, and to seek holistic health treatments.  What results is that people suffer from high stress and suboptimal health which translates into preventable chronic health care conditions such as diabetes and obesity and suboptimal work performance.  By helping individuals to feel their best, they will function at their highest capacity and the company's bottom line will improve!  This desired solution is a win-win because health and wellness improvement can be accomplished in 30-60 minutes during a lunch break!  The best part is that the entire program may be FREE to the company and the participants depending on their health insurance plan coverage!  Otherwise, discounted group rates are available to make the cost of program negligible!

Just like every large corporation has their own personal legal counsel, it is prudent for businesses to also obtain their own health and medical counsel.  Join the hundreds of successful corporations and institutions that have added wellness programs to their employee benefits and seen their bottom-line soar as a result!
Benefits include:
*Decrease Health Care Costs
*Improve Bottom Line
*Reduce Absenteeism & Sick Days
*Increased Employee Morale & Productivity
*Improved Employee Retention
*Enhanced Ability to Recruit Top Talent
*Increased Job Satisfaction
*Improved Overall Health & Wellbeing

*Improved Nutrition & Healthier Eating Habits
*Increased Physical Activity, Energy & Vitality
*Reduced Stress & Anxiety
*Quicker Return From Disability Leave
*Prevent and Reduce On the Job Injuries

 Our Services Include:
*Health Education
*Health Screening
*Onsite Treatments
*Vitamin Shots
*Flu Prevention Shots
*Stress Management
*Nutrition Consultations
*Detoxification Programs
*Supplement Prescriptions
*Insurance Accepted

The Affordable Care Act is offering financial incentives (such as tax credits and grants) for companies implementing such programs! A health and wellness coach can reduce health care costs from $6,000 per employee per year to $2,000. This will save a lot of money for the company!

May 2014 be the best year your company has ever seen!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr Ahuva Gamliel


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Community Acupuncture Sessions in South Florida

healing, wellness, stress reduction, prevention, relaxation,
detox, weight loss, smoking cessation and more!
Thursday 10am Hollywood
Tuesday 715pm SoBe

More locations TBA!

Only $35 per session
Prepay for 4 sessions, 5th session is FREE!
Bring 3, Yours is FREE!
Tips welcome!
*Please call in advance to RSVP
and to make sure that the class is happening that week