Wednesday, May 6, 2015

With Workplace Wellness, Everybody Wins!

A 30 minute acupuncture session, can decrease stress improve mood, increase memory, concentration, and focus, increase productivity, boost the immune system, decrease and often eliminate pain such as headaches, open congested sinuses and so much more!

In a group conference room, seated in chairs around a table, fully clothed, participants receive community auricular (ear) therapy.

Each participant fills out an intake form listing their medical conditions and/or treatment objective such as quitting smoking, detoxification, weight loss, stress reduction, pain management or any other issue and without talking, the practitioner can give individualized treatments to each person!  So everyone's health information remains confidential. 

In addition, since the ear contains a reflexology map of the body, a practitioner can see which areas need to have a treatment based on skin discoloration, dry skin, the presence of blood vessels or anything else which should not be present.

Since the ear is an acupuncture system onto itself and does not follow the meridian channels of energy flow in the body, many times only one ear is treated, generally on the dominant side of the person's body.  So a right handed person would likely have their right ear treated.

The acupuncture needles are very fine, like the breadth of a hair so there is minimal discomfort on insertion or removal.  Once the needle is in place, the neurotransmitters for wellbeing start to be released by the brain and people start to feel very relaxed and sometimes even fall asleep.

During the session there is no talking, no cell phones, no gadgets and no reading.  It is recommended to close one's eyes and relax to get the best benefits.  The lights would be turned off, the room may be quiet, or relaxation music, affirmations, nature sounds or a meditation may be played.

For those who are needle phobic, the points can be stimulated with a device which delivers a pulsation sensation to the areas.  Each point only needs to be treated for 5 seconds to have the equivalent effect of a 30 minute acupuncture session!
After the session is complete, the participants may receive take home treatments in the form of herbal plasters containing vaccaria seed.  The plasters may be gently massaged 3 times per day clockwise for 10 seconds in order to reinforce the treatment.  They usually last 3-5 days with normal showering and can sometimes last up to 2 weeks on dry skin!

With so many potential benefits in only 30 minutes per week,
it's really a win-win for everyone!
PLUS, many PPO insurances are accepted!
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