Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interview with Sound Energy Healer Alan Pratt

The following is an interview that Dr Ahuva Gamliel conducted with colleague Alan Pratt.
  • Dr G: Please tell us about yourself.
    AP: I conduct sound healing ceremonies around the U.S., and coach thousands of people about mind/body/spirit health. I have a number of cancer cures and other healing 'miracles' to my credit. At 55, I am wildly healthy, have not been to a doctor's office in a decade, take no prescription or off-the-shelf medications of any kind, don't drink coffee, alcohol or sodas, and don't eat meat or poultry. My fuel intake is VERY GREEN, mostly big kale salads, fruit & nuts & whole grains, 70% raw/live, 30% cooked, with the occasional eggs or fish. I feel AWESOME.
    Read more at  www.alanpratt.net.
    Dr G:  What inspired you to create the monthly 3 day green juice detox program?
    AP: Once I'd experienced the power of greener eating, juicing & fasting, I wanted to share it. I had a warehouse in Brooklyn called GrandSpace, an artists' residence & community center.  For 2 years we led monthly green juice fasts, and up to 75 people participated each month. We presented educational seminars before each fast, and held a celebration at the end of each fast with a raw food party & a healing circle. That was in 2003/04. Then I moved to Florida and led juice fasts in Lake Worth through the Soma Center, in 2007/08. I've been touring the country for the past 5 years as a spiritual healer. Now I want to bring healing & the power of GREEN to the people!
    Dr G:  What do you hope to accomplish with this project?
    AP: Let's combat obesity, cancer & other global illnesses through juice fasting & greener eating. Let’s maximize our media & social networking systems, to get tens of millions of people around the world to do a 3-day juice fast or health food cleanse at the beginning of each month. We want everyone juice fasting – our president & first family, the TV news anchors & talk show hosts, our spiritual leaders, recording artists, movie stars & sports icons. Let’s put it on reality TV – that’s real life drama & real life healing. Let's take health & healing to the people. We have the power to heal ourselves & society; let's do it!
    Dr G:  What are the benefits of green juice fasting?
    AP: Clear toxins & accumulated waste from the colon & digestive tract. Alkalize & hydrate the body. Abstaining from food allows the body to direct more energy to healing specific illnesses & injuries. Abstaining from sugar starves & kills off the bacteria, mold, yeast & fungus in the body. A dietary intake of large amounts of green juice gives the body a super boost of minerals & nutrients. Juice fasting causes the body to drain mucus from the organs & muscle tissue, relieving the body of soreness & pain.  Juice cleansing makes the physical body lighter & more flexible, the emotional body more positive, balanced & happy, and the mind more alert, efficient & creative. Fasting is also a powerful spiritual experience, and the cleansing of the body is a vital part of the spiritual path.
    Dr G:  Are there any contraindications or dangers?
    AP: The fasting process pulls toxins & accumulated waste out of every part of the body. It is vitally important to get this toxic waste ALL the way OUT of the body, so we must drink a LOT of water & juice. Many people experience headaches & constipation while fasting; the solution is MORE green juice, more water & rest. We recommend a magnesium solution for people who are new to fasting, as it is very effective in clearing the system & avoiding extreme discomfort. During a fast, we can get 'trippy', light headed, dizzy -- so be careful driving a car, operating machinery, etc.
    Dr G:  What is your vision for participation in this project?
    AP: My job is to speak the vision, build a core team, spread the word & watch it fly. We're generating this project in South Florida, but given the power of Facebook & other social networks, the Monthly 3-Day Cleanse will quickly go global.
    Dr G:  Give is a sample 3 day menu for people who don't know where to start.
    AP: We want everyone to participate, so we include different levels/types of cleansing, detoxing & improving our fuel intake.
    * 3 days of only green juice
    * 3 days of green juice, green powders & green supplements
    * 3 days of green & fruit juices
    * 3 days of 'master cleanse' (lemon water, cayenne, honey)
    * 3 days of only green & fruit smoothies
    * 3 days of eating only raw/live vegan food
    * 3 days eating only vegan food
    * 3 days cutting out all coffee, alcohol & energy drinks, and replacing with green drinks
    Or design your own 3-day cleanse. And, of course, people may extend their cleanse longer than 3 days.
    Dr G:  Will people feel hungry during a juice fast?  Do you get enough calories to exercise and for vigorous mental activities?
    AP: You can absolutely get all the nutrients, minerals, live enzymes, protein & hydration you need to exercise, do your work & live your life. This is why we promote GREEN juice fasting above fruit juice fasting, the 'master cleanse' (water, lemon, cayenne, honey/maple/agave), or a pure water fast, ESPECIALLY FOR THE NEWCOMERS. Note however that a cleanse is a process of purification & purging, so sometimes we will feel like resting & sometimes we will feel light & active. Listen to your body.
    Dr G:  Anything else you wish to add that we haven't covered?
    AP: Greener eating, juicing & cleansing are only a PART of being brilliantly healthy. The 'Powerful Practices' page on www.alanpratt.net gives inspiration & resources for total mind/body/spirit health and an exciting life!
    Dr G: THANK YOU for your time and for this wonderful project you are leading! 
    To Life!
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