Monday, September 2, 2013

September Newsletter

After searching near and far for office space, we ended up moving just 2 doors down to suite 211 in the same building!  All appointments starting September 9th will be held at our new address:

1045 Kane Concourse, Suite 211
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
Telemundo came to MiBaso to interview Dr Gamliel
for a segment on bioidentical estrogen and oral contraceptive pills
We hope to publish the segment soon!  Stay tuned for the video link!!!
Our special event  last month was a great success!
A big THANK YOU to Dr Sean Goddard and the
8 people enjoyed the benefits of IV Glutathione and
high potency vitamins and minerals!
Please RSVP ASAP for our September drip to bring in the Fall Season with Optimal Health & Wellbeing!
September 24, 2013
5pm, 6pm, or 7pm
1 Session $249
5 Sessions SAVE $75 with pre-pay
10 Sessions SAVE $250 with pre-pay
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Blackfish is playing in theaters and it is about Orcas in captivity.  The documentary interviews past trainers and a former whale catcher and it is very educational.  Here is a preview:
It demonstrates how Orcas are kidnapped from their family at a very young age and then forced to live 24/7 in a very small tank with complete strangers from different parts of the world (who they often fight with and get hurt by) and are starved unless they preform tricks!  Furthermore, females get artificially inseminated and then have their 2 year old calf taken away against their will. Why is it that in this day and age when there is so much awareness do we allow this to happen to whales, dolphins, sharks, elephants, monkeys, etc?

Whales have feelings and they cry when members of their family are taken away from them.  Many whales are also needlessly killed during the hunt and capture of a single young whale. This practice, still happening today, is horrific, barbaric, and cruel.  It's time for a change! It's time to apply the Golden Rule to mammals and animals: Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want to be done to you! We need to treat these magnificent creatures with the awe and respect that they deserve, not like toys that are used, abused and manipulated.

It is a must see for parents, children, animal lovers, and people who wish to raise their levels of consciousness to include loving and peacefully coexisting with all of God's creatures!

If you can't make it to the theater, this movie called A Whale Of A Business or Lolita: Slave to Entertainment (about the orca in the Miami Seaquarium) which are also very good and insightful and can be viewed for free on youtube by clicking on the blue hyperlinks above.  Another heart-warming Orca documentary is A Killer Whale Called Luna.
Sensory Deprivation Tank
We would like to recommend Du 20 Holistic Oasis for a wonderful flotation meditation experience.  The beautiful wellness center offers Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Massage, an herbal tea bar and other holistic services.  Floating is offered for 60, 90, or 120 minutes in a sensory deprivation tank which is a chamber that enhances deeper levels of meditation since there are no distractions at all. Here are a few of the other benefits from this womb-like Epsom salt flotation: Relaxation, Reduces Stress, Improves sleep patterns, Normalizes blood pressure, Enhances ability to stay focused and concentrate, Unlocks the creative centers in your brain, Strengthens immune system, Pain relief from injuries/ailments, Helps reduce addictive behavior, Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, Decreases inflammation in joints and offers a unique experience for each person.
For more information, please read the frequently asked questions and answers in the link above and tell them that you were recommended by Dr Gamliel.  Enjoy the complimentary tea at the end of the session for a lovely rehydration and re-acclimation with your senses.
Meditation CDs COMING SOON!
Our meditation CDs are ALMOST ready for production.  They have all been recorded and are in the process of being edited and mastered and then they will be produced and ready for pre-sale via Indiegogo.  Stay tuned for the October Newsletter for the links to purchase any of the following titles which are 18-36 minutes long:
Self Esteem Meditation
Chakra Balancing Meditation
Smoking Cessation Meditation
Spiritual Growth Meditation
Optimal Weight Meditation
Each CD or MP3 contains an audible guided-meditation with affirmations as well as background binaural beats.  The binaural beats contain various sound frequencies for training the brain subconsciously on the topic of the corresponding meditation.  The binaural beats consist of specially programmed nature sounds, soft music or relaxing nature sounds.  In binaural recordings, different frequencies are sent to the left and right ears so for best results it is recommended to wear stereo earphones.  
By working on both the conscious mind as well as the subconscious mind simultaneously, we achieve the best results.
For more information and to listen to sample rough draft meditations please visit our website
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As always, we thank you for your continued support and referrals and we look forward to serving you from our new location 2 doors down.
Ahuva Gamliel