Friday, August 2, 2013

August Newsletter


MiBaSo has been in Bay Harbor Islands for almost 3 years.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood has not been very conducive to growth so we are going to open up in a new location which will hopefully be more supportive for holistic medicine.  The exact location will be announced SOON!

PLEASE come in this month to finish up any
package treatments that you bought!
All August appointments will be in the same location.

Every strong emotion that we have about something, is a projection of an inner issue that needs to be worked on. All hatred is self-hatred. All anger is self-anger.  When I am angry at someone or some situation, I must ask myself what is at the core of this irritability, impatience, and frustration trigger?  Is it a lack of faith, a feeling of being out of control, a subconscious fear?  How does it relate to a past negative experience that this instance/opportunity is reactivating and mirroring in order for me to heal my emotional inner child?  If we pause to ask ourselves these questions, and do the inner work instead of blaming others and judging them, then we will really achieve amazing personal growth. Try it!

                                                               TEA IS MEDICINE!

Got anxiety?  Drink Kava!
Got indigestion? Drink Mint!
Got nausea? Drink Ginger!
Got insomnia? Drink Chamomile!
Got fatigue? Drink Licorice!
Got PMS? Drink Raspberry!
Got ED? Drink Ginseng!
Got toxins? Drink Dandelion!
Got sick? Drink Green!
Got questions? Visit MiBaSo!

August 15th Dr Sean Goddard will be administering glutathione injections at MiBaSo for ONLY $50. Limited appointments are available so don't delay, call today to reserve your spot! (305)866-1491

Click on this video link to learn about glutathione's prevention, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, detox, anti-oxidant and optimal health properties!


FREE 21 Day Meditation Challenge begins August 5!
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Thank you for your continued support and referrals.
The best is yet to come!

Ahuva Gamliel