Monday, October 1, 2012

October Newsletter

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
~Benjamin Franklin

Greetings everyone!

Breast cancer is a condition that is near and dear to our heart because Dr Gamliel's paternal grandmother, who she is named after, died from it a couple years before she was born.  Benjamin Franklin got it right when he said in his oft quoted phrase above that it is much easier to prevent an illness than to cure it once it is contracted!  So this is a potent reminder to everyone to eat a health promoting diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables (anti-oxidants), get plenty of exercise, and take time to nurture yourself.  Women are recommended to have annual breast and pap exams, especially if there is a family history of female health concerns, and to do self-exams as well as periodic thermography screenings after the age of 40.  We did a blog about our preference for thermography over mammography in February. Please click the hyperlinks in blue above for more information.

We are excited to announce that Dr Gamliel will be on Alimorad Jack Farshchian MD's "The Arthritis Show" on Monday October 22nd at 6:30PM.  It will be aired in Florida and New York.  Click here to watch it live online!

Dr Gamliel will also be shooting videos at MiBaSo this month for eHow.  We will share those links in our newsletter next month.

SAVE 55% This month ONLY!
Instead of using online sites to entice you to enjoy stress reduction, treatment, health maintenance and prevention, we are going to directly offer you 55% OFF of a Package of 5 Sessions!  Return visits are normally $89 each.  5 Sessions would usually cost $445 and get one free but if you buy a package of 5 anytime this month (October 2012), it is ONLY $199 (less than $40 per session!).  So you can spend the remaining $246 on yourself or save it!  One package per person and you have 6 months from the purchase date to redeem all 5 sessions.  Non-transferable and no sharing.  You may buy one as a gift.
Also this month, Boost Your Energy or Trim Down with Lipotropic Vitamin B12 Shots, regular price $39.  This month only $29 each! Learn more about them here.
FREE Vitamin B12 Shot on Your Birthday!  Make an appointment to visit us on Your Birthday and we'll give you a birthday present of a free Vitamin B12 shot as a gift of appreciation for your patronage.  Not effective retro-actively!

First 10 people to sign up & pre-pay receive a FREE Qi Gong DVD!
Our LIVE guided-meditation event last month was great so we are repeating it! The meditation includes powerful affirmations and will be held on Wednesday October 17th: Kabbalah Healing Meditation with Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture on Massage Chair. ONLY $25! Two sessions are available at 5pm or 6pm. Limited seating so RSVP today at (305)866-1491. Community Session includes aromatherapy and herbal tea! Join us on facebook & invite your friends.
We will be running another 5K this month on Sunday, October 21st at 7:30 am over the beautiful, scenic Rickenbacker Causeway!  Please join us!  Sign up here.  And watch this short video about this unique and colorful experience!  Hope to see you all there!  You can walk it too!
Our supplement pick of the month is Zinc $11 for 75 chewables (a 2.5 month supply) at MiBaSo!  Zinc is naturally found in pumpkin seeds so save them if you carve a pumpkin!  We recommend toasting them with a little Bragg's amino acids and enjoying them as a healthy snack!  It:
  • improves immune system
  • is important for brain health (Alzheimer's prevention)
  • helps detox heavy metals
  • is good for cardiovascular health
  • is involved in cell division
  • improves athletic performance
  •       and MORE! 

In honor of Halloween we want to recommend this scary movie based on a true exorcism story because it sheds light on the very important topics of spirituality and mental health.  We are of the opinion that some people in mental institutions may in fact have spiritual issues that the medical community is totally untrained in dealing with and treating.  Our favorite line in the movie was when the father asked if the clergy person could help them and he answered, "Of course I can help you.  I am not a doctor." 

We are still looking for a massage therapist and a hypnotherapist to come on-board as well as an MD or DO to prescribe Meyer's cocktails (IV Vitamin Therapy) and a nurse to administer the IVs. If you know any professionals in those fields, please refer them to us!  Thank you!!!
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Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!
Your partner in health & wellness,

Ahuva Gamliel, Medical Director

THANK YOU for your referrals!